MOS is passionate about supporting our communities; it’s part of our DNA, company culture and even our company name.

Muru means “pathway” in the language of the coastal Sydney region, and our vision is to create a pathway for future generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We do this by directing a % of all company profits to support community projects in the areas of Education, Employment, and Health & Wellbeing.


With a focus in three key areas; Education, Employment, and Health & Wellbeing, MOS is creating outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country.

Partnering with Muru Office Supplies not only provides a commercial benefit with exceptional customer experience. It also provides the opportunity for our clients to form a partnership with shared goals, that create both tangible and intangible benefits to our people and communities.

Every transaction with MOS helps drive these outcomes, so next time you place an order with one of our competitors, ask yourself, what outcomes am I creating?

Start trading with us today to create outcomes!


Early Childhood Education (Ongoing)

The early childhood education program operates three days a week with the aim of encouraging the development of literacy and numeracy skills through structured play. Over 30 Aboriginal children receive free access to this program, providing a safe and fun environment to assist them in successfully transitioning into the public school system.
Muru has been supporting the program since FY16 and is committed to providing support while we continue to see outcomes for the local Indigenous children within the community

Early Childhood Education (FY20 One-Off)

Muru together with the Lyone Foundation provided a one-off donation late in 2019 to purchase and install new play equipment within the childcare program we support.
The old equipment was unsafe for the children and the decision was made to provide a brand-new structure for the children to enjoy.
The $35,000 investment was split 50/50 between Muru and the Lyone Foundation and we intend on visiting the centre again soon to see the kids enjoying the new equipment.

IndigiGrow (Ongoing)

IndigiGrow is a social enterprise created by First Hand Solutions, an Aboriginal led charity based La Perouse.
The program is focussed on the propagation and revitalisation of native plants, including bush food and the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.
Muru’s contribution, which began in July 2019, will support the employment of two Aboriginal school-based trainees who will gain hands-on horticultural trade skills, whilst learning about the significance of native plants & bush foods and strengthening their connection to culture.

Mudgin-Gal "Women's Place" (FY20 One-Off)

Mudgin-Gal meaning ‘Women’s Place’ is an Aboriginal organisation delivering support, referrals and community-based services to Aboriginal women and families in inner city Sydney since 1992. It aims to build the capability of Aboriginal women and families through the delivery of skills-based programs, whilst also providing a safe space for vulnerable women.
Mudgin-Gal provides support and education for women in the community who are or aspire to be leaders within their families and is active within the wider local community on issues such as family violence.
Muru provided a one-off $14,000 contribution at the end of FY20 to support Mudgin-Gal with its vision of supporting our women.

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Our vision is to create a ‘pathway’ for future generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. MOS contributes a percentage of all profits to support our people and communities.

Supply Nation Certified

MOS is a majority Indigenous owned business, certified with Supply Nation.