First Aid Kit Auto Nylon Pouch

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Be prepared and equipped with essential treatment aids and instruments to respond in the event of an accident. Comprehensive pre-packed kits comply with NSW OH&S Regulations – C Kit and are filled with essentials to respond to most emergency situations and suitable for businesses with 1-9 employees. Suitable for low risk work areas. Pouch dimensiions – 295 x 220mm.


  • 1x adhesive dressing tape
  • 50x plastic adhesive strips
  • 1x antiseptic cream
  • 5x antiseptic swabs
  • 1x 50mm guaze bandage
  • 1x 75mm gauze bandage
  • 1x triangular bandage
  • 10x cotton tips
  • 1x sterile eyepad
  • 2x sterile eyewash
  • Pair latex gloves
  • CPR pamphlet
  • First aid pamphlet
  • 2x plastic bags assorted sizes
  • 1x resuscitation face shield
  • 12x safety pins
  • 1x scissors
  • 1x splinter forceps
  • 1x wound dressing