ClaireFontaine DCP A4 120gsm Copy Paper

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Clairefontaine DCP Colour Laser Paper is a premium heavyweight sheet, perfect for conveying a sharp, clear printing job every time. The range of colours printed is wider thanks to the paper’s extreme whiteness of 170 CIE. DCP is the whitest colour copier paper on the market. The contrast for both images and text will be optimal. This paper is suited for presentations, reporting, office communication and publications.


  • 120gsm
  • A4
  • Pkt 250
  • 168 CIE Whiteness – optimum colour restitution
  • Made in France


  • FSC certified
  • EU Ecolabel Certified


  • For use in all print systems
  • Uniform texture allows for perfect even and vivid printing
  • Delicate smoothness assures sharper and brighter printing results
  • Suitable for colour copiers, colour laser and inkjet printers