Casio PLUS Scientific Calc Fx-100AU

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The Casio® FX100AU PLUS is fast and intuitive. The calculator is easy to operate and can quickly perform over 300 functions including 40 different unit conversions, normal distribution calculations, the conversion of polar co-ordinates from rectangular and calculations in various bases. Suitable for use by students from years 7 and up and is approved by the Board of Studies.


  • Includes all the standard scientific calculator functions plus new features such as 40 different unit conversions, normal distribution calculations and complex number calculations
  • Can complete scientific functions such as statistics, fractions, equalities and inequalities, coordinate conversion and prime factorisation.
  • Easy to read dual line screen uses natural textbook display for easy number input and review
  • Supports multiple intuitive ways to enter fractions
Type 10 Digit Scientific Calculator

Battery – Duracell Ultra AA – Pkt4

Replacement Battery BATT1112 – AA
Dimensions 76W x 19D x 152Hmm