Creating a Pathway

We’re passionate about giving back and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, with the ultimate goal of donating $500,000 per year to Indigenous community programs.

Muru Office Supplies and our majority shareholder Muru Group both made commitments in 2014 to contribute a % of all our profits, allowing us to follow through on our vision of creating a pathway for future generations.

Muru is proud to say we contributed just over $52,000 in FY 18 and $79,000 in FY19.

We are projecting a contribution of over $100,000 in FY20! We are currently in the process of looking at various other community programs to support moving forward, as we look to expand and share the contribution.

“Every one of our customers, however large or small, has contributed to the growth and success of our community engagement program. By partnering with MOS you can make a direct difference to Indigenous communities across the country.”

IndigiGrow - Native Bush Plants & Bush Foods

2019 (Ongoing)

IndigiGrow, a new venture from First Hand Solutions based in our CEO Mitchell Ross' own community of La Perouse, sustains people, land and culture through the propagation of native plants, including bush food and the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.

IndigiGrow seeks to deliver positive environmental projects through research and rejuvenation of endangered plants, mass urban plantings creating carbon credits, improving the general atmosphere and amenity of industrial and urban precincts, and providing retail and wholesale native plants for sale.

Muru is proud to support IndigiGrow and is committing to invest $30,000 per year to support the employment of a local Indigenous trainee.

Early Childhood Education Program

2016 (Ongoing)

Muru Group and Muru Office Supplies (MOS) are supporting an Early Childhood Development Program in an Indigenous community in North Queensland.

The program is vital to the community’s future, with approx. 30% of the community being under 5 years of age.

The main objective of the program is to support and empower an Indigenous community in North Queensland, to assist children to learn and develop through and early childhood development centre.

The centre will encourage improved child development through a structured, developmentally-based playgroup and aim to enable participating children to successfully transition into the public school system.


IT Literacy Training Program

2014 - 2015

Muru Group developed and delivered an IT Literacy training program to help educate members of remote Indigenous communities in the area of technology. Our CEO Mitchell Ross delivered the training first hand in Pormpuraaw, QLD.

Most of the community members had never used a computer, so one of the goals of the program was to create awareness of the technology and build user confidence, along with teaching computer fundamentals to help create a solid foundation for further learning.

The second more important goal was to empower participants with the knowledge to allow them to educate other members of the community moving forward and create a sustainable outcome.

Mitchell completed the 4 week program in February of 2015, the program had highly engaged participants and received great feedback.

Indigenous Engagement

While MOS is a majority Indigenous owned business ourselves, we are committed to promoting opportunities for our fellow Indigenous businesses, ultimately supporting start up entrepreneurs to contribute to their local communities.

We feature a broad, ever expanding range of Indigenous workplace supply products in a wide range of categories including office stationery, copy paper and kitchen supplies.

Not only do we offer our own private label Muru range, we also provide products from other Indigenous suppliers such as Yaru Water, Corporate Connect AB and Waddi Springs. Aside from opportunities within our supply chain, Muru has engaged Marcus Lee Designs to curate the artwork used on our products, website and marketing materials, legal services of Terri Janke & Co, marketing services of Claystone Marketing, and is always on the look out for other Indigenous organisations to support and engage with.

Indigenous businesses reinvest revenue in their communities. For every $1 dollar of revenue, Indigenous businesses create $4.41 of economic and social value (Source: The Sleeping Giant Report conducted by Supply Nation 2015).


Supply Nation

MOS is proud to be certified with Supply Nation, an organisation which connects corporate and Government bodies with Indigenous suppliers.

MOS has been certified since 2014, and majority shareholder Muru Group since 2012. MOS is actively engaged in the space, attending all events and conferences, as well as advocating on behalf of Supply Nation and for the Indigenous business sector.

In 2015 Muru was awarded the Supplier Diversity Partnership of the Year Award at the Supply Nation Connect Awards. This award celebrated the success of the partnership between Muru Group and COS, and represents our commitment to becoming a leader in the Indigenous business sector.